Knowing your Prime Demographics

Group 1 real estate consulting supplies you with over 100 different types of reports. Each one can be tailored to fit your needs and design. You will receive data from and about the study area you have created. The likely to include but may not be limited to:

  • Census Data – Current and projected     
  • Population
  • Age distribution
  • Ethnic makeup
  • Income
  • Business Summary reports            
  • Executive Summary with Charts            
  • Graphic Profiles            
  • Population            
  • Community comparison – Must have 2 study areas            
  • Financial Expenditures by SIC and or NACIS codes            
  • Traffic Counts            
  • Leakage reports – Showing where your community is undeserved        
  • Retail Goods and Services
  • Restaurant
  • Household Budget Expenditures
  • House and Home Expenditures
  • Market Profile