Group1 Real Estate Consulting


Group 1 Real Estate Consulting is here to help our clients
become more profitable, more knowledgeable, more informed and more professional
when dealing with commercial property. We have over 30 years of commercial real
estate experience to help you become successful in your commercial real estate

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How We Can Help YouReal Estate Consulting - Michael Sloan

For Residential Real Estate Agent:

  • Increase Your Income
  • Expand Your Professionalism

For the Investor/Buyer:

  • Market Information to help make informed decisions
  • Financial Information to analyze Reward to Risk

For the Property Owner:

  • Maximize your sales price through independent and unbiased
    valuation of your property.

Group1 Real Estate Consulting is dedicated to providing a
variety of services & information tools, mapping and in-depth analysis for
commercial property. Our primary client is the residential real estate agent
wishing to expand their services to include commercial property, the small
investor/user and the property owner. As a part of the CCIM family we can
provide many tools to help in making informed real estate decisions.

A complete package – We provide the information and models
you need to evaluate a client’s needs. We help Identify a “study area” around a
site as a focus for gathering needed information for that area. There are more
than 100 different reports on demographics alone that can be targeted to that
study area. Market needs reports that will help identify under-served goods and
services in the area (leakage). Complete business lists that can be tailored to
the client needs. We can provide maps that will show things like individual
businesses, certain business types, traffic counts and much more. Financial
Analysis – Designed to help both the buyer and the seller with information
necessary to make an informed decision. Projected Cash Flow Analysis, Rent vs
Buy analysis, IRR, NPV, ROI, current CAP rates, Cash vs Leverage analysis are
just of few of the financial items that can be supplied. Most of these documents
and reports can be personalized with your logo and contact information.

If you are a Realtor® or real estate agent that has
considered dabbling in commercial real estate but are not sure of the steps to
get started, our plan and reports help get you started so that you can feel
confident when conducting a commercial real estate transaction – all the time or
just once in a while.