How to Market Yourself in Commercial Real Estate

Sell Yourself to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

If you are thinking about expanding your career into commercial real estate, but don’t know where to start, start with something you know. Create a powerful professional profile online. When it comes to real estate, your greatest commodity is credibility. Carefully crafting your online profile will ensure that your potential client feels confident in your abilities. Successful commercial real estate professionals know that their online presence not only markets their expertise, it sells without taking your valuable time.Create an online profile for commercia real estate

Most people shy away from drawing attention to their accomplishments and skills. But, a real estate professional depends on the confidence their clients feel. If you carefully craft your professional profile, you can focus on your pedigree without causing them undue concern about your ego.

The truth is that if you possess skills that others have recognized, there is no harm in letting potential clients know. Your education is like cash the bank for both buyers and sellers.

Training helps you do a better job for everyone concerned. List formal training, seminars, professional recognitions, sales awards and anything else that shows you have put time and energy into your career.

If you have a great track record producing results for sellers, focus on the service you provided, not the money you banked at the closing. You can create quite a sense of confidence with your potential client even before they pick up the phone or stop in to meet you.

Don’t forget to note your involvement in community organizations, volunteer work, church membership or any other activity that shows you have integrity. It can be the difference between getting a listing or losing it to someone else who mastered comparable skills and was bold enough to let it be known.

When you are presenting your achievements, be sure to focus on character as much as accolades. Your client wants someone who is well-trained and credible, but they also want to be able to trust the person they are working with. After all, buying or selling a commercial property may well be the most significant financial transaction they will ever make.

Creating your online presence is an opportunity for you to seal the deal even before you meet the client. Give them the information they need to feel confident in your ability.  Convince them that you are willing to listen to their concerns. When you do, you will be able to spend your time selling the property and not yourself.

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