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The purpose of Group1 consulting is to provide residential real estate agents the tools and knowledge necessary to earn Commercial Real Estate Commissions. We can help you feel comfortable  handling the infrequent commercial property sale or listing in your town or farm area.

Whether you are dealing with a seller/owner or a buyer/investor you will want to look professional and knowledgeable. We also want to provide to you and your client good information in order to have a successful sale.

You may also be thinking of expanding your market by becoming a commercial agent. You may want to do some investing  yourself. Regardless of your motivation, as commercial real estate consultants we can help you through this process.

We can provide a list of questions that you will want to ask an owner in order to make your listing information more professional and complete. We provide reports that will help you and your client analyse the property to come up with a marketable list price. We provide scenarios to share with investor/buyers and or their agent. Furnish worksheets to evaluate offers to help maximize the return. Show possible options relating to – all cash sale – seller financing – 1031 exchange depending on their needs

We can provide services that will expose your listing to all commercial brokers across the country on a specific commercial site. All of these reports will be branded with your logo and contact information.

Investor reports might include – CAP Rates and the current rates – IRR (Internal Rate of Return) – In-depth cash flow analysis – cash vs leverage – gross rent multiplier. Market reports such as current Price per square foot – rental rates – long range projections for the area. For the retail buyer/user, we can provide – area demographics – maps showing possible completion – leakage reports showing the needs of an area – lease vs own analysis.

There are over 1200 different reports to meet your needs. We offer these services to you and your clients to help you in your effort to successfully market and sell commercial listings.

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