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Increasing your income while increasing your overall knowledge of real estate is something that would appeal to most agents. In some smaller markets it can be a real challenge to increase your business from one year to the next. You might want to consider expanding your business into commercial properties. Three or four transactions a year could help increase your income. In order to service your clients you will need to do some homework and learn some new skills. There are many online courses from national organization like CCIM, SIOR or RLI, to name a few, which offer training. You may also be able to find a mentor or a consultant to help get you started. The extra time that you spend now will pay off for you and help you increase your business way into the future.

If expanding your knowledge as you increase your income by listing or selling an occasional commercial property in your town has some appeal, visit us often. We give away a lot of helpful information that could help you add to your earnings without spending a lot on classes and courses. We are glad to help.

That’s what we do!

We help successful residential real estate agents pick up some extra commissions by providing some “how too” advise and making tools available that make you look like a professional Commercial Real Estate agent.

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