Services We Provide to Property Owners and Sellers

Owners that would like to sell their property need reliable and current market information. This will be helpful and hopefully avoid either underpricing the property and leaving money on the table or over pricing and not being able to sell within a reasonable time frame.

  • Current Market Trends: CAP Rates for like property sales by region along with current sales data to help establish a sales price. This can be helpful when listing as well as evaluating offers.
  • Property Information list: A check list of information that is helpful to provide an agent when listing a property. A complete list of both the financial and physical aspects of the property will help the agent present the property in a more positive manor and sell the property in a shorter time period.
  • Seller Proceeds: Provide a worksheet that will show potential sale proceeds before and after tax at different sales prices.
  • Complete Marketing Package: A successful transaction requires complete information about a property as well as a professional presentation. The Owner/Seller will want to feel that they are well represented.
  • National Market exposure: Your listing can be placed on a national database that will reach agents all across the country.