Group1 Commercial Real Estate Consultants Services

Market, Feasibility and Financial Analysis

 Study Areas-

A Study Area is created around a property or general area of interest and is the starting place for any analysis. It can be from .1 miles to 100 miles depending on need. The importance of the study area is that all reports and demographics are specific to that area.

Demographic Information –

There are over 1000 specialized reports that can be developed depending on your needs. This information is designed to cover just the area that you have specified in your Study Area. Items like age, education, income, buying trends and dollar leakage out of the

Business Lists-

Lists of businesses by type or name along with owner’s names and physical location within the designated Study Area. They can also be shown on a map.

Product Leakage reports-

A product leakage report shows the volume of an item that is being supplied in an area against the amount being purchased in that same area. It will also show the volume per capita being consumed against the national average.

Tapertry Segmentation –

Tapestry Segmentation system classifies US neighborhoods based on their socioeconomic and demographic makeup. It will allow you to profile consumers and constituents in the Study Area. Things like age, lifestyle, household income, net worth, median home value and buying habits.

Market Comparison-

Analyzing two or more properties and or areas to examine the best potential value and meet the investor’s investment goals

Traffic Count Mapping –

Traffic counts on any freeway or major roads in the area. You can specify high or low volumes.


Financial Analysis

  • Discounted Cash Flow Worksheets
  • Cash Flow before and after tax
  • Initial Analysis Steps- CAP Rate
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Rent vs Buy
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Optamil Holding Period

List of questions and information-

Asking the right question is important in order to serve a client whether an investor or a seller. The more complete the information the more complete and accurate the analysis.

All reports can be personalized with your name and company logo.