There is Gold in them there hills – Time to start digging

Go For the GOLD

Are you missing out on the gold by passing up the chance to list or sell commercial property? Most real estate agents at one time or another will have an opportunity to list or sell commercial property. This is particularly true if you are working a small market, you are well known and a trusted person in the community. People want to do business with people they know and trust. Commercial properties are very different from residential property and  even a very successful agent may feel uncomfortable dealing with commercial property. Some agents will pass up on these opportunities. Other agents will proceed to either list a property or work with a potential buyer and feel a little lost at times.

How do I Go for the Gold? If you are like most people knowledge and good information means everything. Knowing What, When, Why and Where will provide you with confidence and confidence will lead you to the Gold (success). Just like residential, commercial transactions require time and energy to become knowledgeable. Read – Read – Read and on top of that enroll online or take classroom courses. The information comes from becoming aware of commercial listings and sales in your market area. When you are driving around and see a sign call and ask for the information. Sales information is harder to come by but keep your eyes and ears open. The good old buy down at the coffee shop in the morning will have the info you need. The Gold is there you just need to dig for it.

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