Tis the Season – No not the Holiday Season

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Commercial Real Estate $

During this time of the year a lot of residential real estate agents spend time looking at other opportunities and planning for the coming year. In my opinion, a well thought out business plan is a very important part of any business and well worth the time & effort.

Generally  winter time is a slower time of year for real estate agents. This will allow the time  necessary to set  goals, define marketing effort and identify target markets.

This year as you are looking at all of the alternatives available in the real estate profession, you may want to consider some commercial listings and investor sales. While this will require some additional skills and education it could also allow you to expand your business and increase your income.

Putting commercial activity into your  business plan at the beginning of the year will remind you to look for opportunities for education and for listings in your area.

Budget both time and money in order to expand your business – it will take both.

It is important to understand that you don’t Spend Money to make Money  – YOU INVEST MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. Look at extending your real estate reach, as an investment in your future.


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